Put text for train reading here and click 'Start'. You can select any text and listen it. ---------------- “If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt “Truth suffers no loss if a vehement youth fails in finding it.” Friedrich Schiller «Waterloo will wipe out the memory of my forty victories; but that which nothing can wipe out is my Civil Code. That will live forever.” Napoleon “No one knows what all this will turn out. And this is the most fascinating.” Bodhi It is astounding that one can be a very sick person full of hatred, jealousy, envy, wish to die, be very intolerant, greedy, dull, stupid and depressed, suffer from diseases, without any idea what he/she want. One can be anything at all. And still there is a way out if there is a wish to experience pleasant and attractive states and a wish to make particular practical steps. If you found yourself in such a condition, in such position of not very healthy person, be constructive about it. It does not really matter why it happened. What matters is if you start to change your habits step by step or you don’t. Modern man is already a devotee, he is willing to mortgage his life and suppress all joyful wishes for the sake of the goals imposed upon him in order to have an apartment, a car and to be like all other respectable people. For decades one can be stuck in an exhausting marriage to observe decencies, for many years one can go to the office without having any respite in order to have a modern a car and apartment. This kind of self-compulsion is called ability to overcome difficulties. Of course, modern man can overcome, but often this overcoming comes only to successful suppression of joyful wishes and self-destruction as a result. People like that do not overcome the obstacles on the way to experiencing enlightened perceptions, but on the contrary – they overcome their joyful wishes. Such overcoming, in other words rather self-compulsion, is absurd, implied from the outside and are supported by stupidity, insincerity and leads to suffering, flat and colorless, boring life, which should be rather called gradual dying than life… Sometimes there comes a special feeling of recognition, when it is like touching something that you have been willing to say to yourself for a long time and that you have been willing to believe in, where you feel a tense fundamental truth, and then you find enough power and confident to start changing your life abruptly or gradually. Pressure of own blind certainties, unpleasant states, opinions of people around get too high sometimes and you may stop believing that you can live differently and feel in other way, that life can be different: real, rich, happy. I have written this book for somebody to read and understand that there is a chance of such life, and it is accomplishable. This is how this person – the author of this book lives being an ordinary person in the past, having two arms and two legs and one head. This is also how other people live and seek to live using to some extent the selection of perceptions, and it means it is possible for everybody – it means it is also possible for me. This book is written to explain and demonstrate an example of how you can live. I am not shy about pointing a finger at myself and say: look, my life is different, this is my way of living and you can live this way, all doors are open for you, spit on everything you were filled with that you are weak, silly, dirty and sinful, tiny, that you must do this and that just because you must and that’s it, and that you must not do something just because you meaninglessly must not. Realize that you are capable of changing your life step by step and make it richer, more interesting and more intense. My book is for those who agree with me in substance: no matter what life you have chosen, it will be more pleasant to live with less negative emotions, negative sensations, mechanical wishes, dogmas and stupidities. It will be more pleasant to live with more enlightened perceptions, joyful wishes, interesting thoughts, pleasant sensations. If you agree with this, this book is for you. http://bodhi.name/